Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breakfast Tacos

Here's a simple breakfast you can make in under 5 minutes for under 5 bucks.  It's hearty and it'll keep you full for a while without being heavy.  I make this breakfast allll the time but with different elements---I change up the cheese, or the carb of the day, or even the spices.  So, feel free to adapt this to your liking.
What you'll need:
2 eggs
salt, pepper to taste
cheese (any kind--I used cheddar today)
Mini tortillas
Salsa/Ketchup or both

Begin by frying two eggs.  Eventually they'll end up scrambled, but I like to do that near the end so I can taste some of the yolk in there.
 Then (although I forgot to snap a picture) cover the eggs in cheese and fold it in, breaking the yolk.  Or, simply scramble the eggs however you like.
Add some salt and pepper.  If you like your eggs a bit spicy and savory, add some chili powder and garlic powder 
Heat up the tortillas in a pan.  No pam, butter or anything necessary.  Just like them a bit warm.
 Take them off the pan and add your favorite salsa.  I like black bean and corn salsa, so I also put a touch of ketchup on the plate as well.
 Add the eggs

Eat!  These were delicious on their own, but next time I'll try adding some mushrooms, bacon, or even some peppers and onions.
If you don't like tortillas, try pan-frying polenta and putting the eggs on top of that:

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