Friday, March 30, 2012

Adobo Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

Spicy, sweet, salty, easy...enough said..
adapted from the Pioneer Woman

What you'll need:
1 7-9 pound bone-in pork shoulder (mine came with skin on and I just cut it off.  You can leave the skin on though which should keep everything very moist)
1 sliced yellow onion
1 can chipotle in adobo
3 +5-ish tablespoons brown sugar
2 cans dr pepper (NOT diet!)

Put the pork in a dutch oven
Dump the onions on top of the pork
Roughly chop the chipotles and put them on top of the pork.  Add the three tablespoons of brown sugar and a pinch of salt and spread everything around the pork as evenly as possible.
Cook at 300 degrees for 6 hours.
The pork should be really tender at this point.  If it's not, keep it in for another hour.  When the pork is done, turn the heat up to 500 degrees and put the rest of the brown sugar on top of the pork.  Put it all back in the oven for 5-10 minutes until the sugar has formed a sweet crust.
Take the pork out and shred with 2 forks!
Serve with tortillas, pickled red onions, goat cheese and cilantro.

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  1. WOW came out just the way you said!! Literally fell off the bone. Perfect finals food - cheap and easy. I'm having tacos and pork sandwiches all week =)